The Grass is Greener

Renewable energy is the future of farming. Harvest yours today.
A cheaper, cleaner, greener future

Next-Gen can save you money on electricity bills – up to 60% – helping your farm to work more efficiently.
Agriculture Solar has revolutionised the way energy is delivered by giving a cleaner, more affordable alternative to monthly bills. Savings increase over time as fuel rates continue to rise.

Making a change can be difficult, especially where investment is concerned.
Which is why Next-Gen makes it really simple for you to jump on the green energy bandwagon.

Solar agriculture (AKA “agrophotovoltaics” and “dual-use farming”) allows farmers to install solar panels that offer a way to make their energy use more efficient, and directly enhance their farming capabilities. For farmers with small tracts of land solar agriculture provides a way to offset energy bills, reduce their use of fossil fuels, and breathe new life into existing operations.

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