Why face a power struggle?
Protect your business with fixed rates and energy you control.

Take control of your energy. Rising fuel costs are inevitable. So why face a power struggle when you can take matters into your own hands.
Next-Gen’s green energy solution helps you to take control of your monthly costs. You’ll even benefit from up to 70% savings on your energy bills.*

‘Our partnership with GivEnergy has given us a fantastic opportunity in delivering battery storage from 5.2kWh to large scale commercial projects. Our ongoing projects with the NHS have helped with hospital resilience, power quality and also providing additional power to keep hospitals within their MIC.

The growth in battery storage over the past 18 months due to the uncertainty in the energy market which has influenced rising energy prices, also with more renewable generation being added to the network makes the dependence on battery all the more critical.

We believe Next-Gen Power are one of the few companies that can showcase and demonstrate the flexibility of storage from domestic to large scale projects in the UK & Ireland’.

Public Sector Organisations

Solar energy is a natural fit for public sector organisations
and not just because solar reduces air pollution and makes
the world a cleaner, healthier place.

These types of facilities such as hospitals, nursing homes,
schools and medical practices are some of the largest energy
consumers in the United Kingdom.

Many of these businesses are open 24/7, medical equipment
such as MRI machines and CT scanners are in use constantly,
consuming significant amounts of energy with heating and air
conditioning systems contributing to their sky-high utility
bills. Installing a commercial solar system is a smart way to
slash high electricity bills and get electricity delivered more


Nowadays solar and energy storage are more cost effective
and affordable than ever. It has also proven its efficiency and
reliability over the last few decades which resulted in solar
being more interesting and compelling to hotel managers.

A hotel uses 50 percent more energy than a residential block
of a similar size, owners can reap great benefits of renewable
energy use in the short and long term. Solar systems can
reduce energy bills and attract eco-friendly guests and
generate favourable publicity.

A solar PV installation can not only attract customers but
also raise the level of their satisfaction and according to a
study carried out amongst 571 travellers is the most
influential attribute on hotel room preferences.

Sport Stadiums

Solar power is one of the most relevant ways we can make a difference by using the energy generated by the sun to provide power for your Sports stadium.

Communities, families and friends will be brought together in a carbon free environment leaving a legacy for generations to come.

You will be future proofing the Sports stadium against carbon taxation, rising energy costs whilst contributing to the fight against climate change.

Energy Storage

Energy storage can save operational costs in powering the grid,
as well as save money for electricity consumers who install
energy storage in their homes and businesses. Energy storage
can reduce the cost to provide frequency regulation, as well as
offset the costs to consumers by storing low-cost energy and
using it later, during peak periods at higher electricity rates.
By using energy storage during brief outages, businesses can
avoid costly disruptions and continue normal operations.
Residents can save themselves from lost food and medicines,
and the inconvenience of not having electricity. And there is an
option for both businesses and residential consumers to
participate in demand response programs when available.

Energy storage can smooth out the delivery of variable or
intermittent resources such as wind and solar, by storing excess
energy when the wind is blowing and the sun is shining, and
delivering it when the opposite is happening.
But storage can also support the efficient delivery of electricity
for inflexible, baseload resources. When demand changes
quickly, and flexibility is required, energy storage can inject or
extract electricity as needed to exactly match load – wherever,
and whenever it’s needed.
Energy storage is an enabling technology. When the sun isn’t
shining or the wind isn’t blowing, energy storage can be there.
When demand shifts and baseload resources can’t react quickly
enough, energy storage can be there.

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