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Established in 2012, Next-Gen Power offers a comprehensive energy solution for your home and/or business.
Rising energy costs are causing all of us to rethink how we heat and power our homes. Many households are facing a fuel poverty crisis.

So, what can be done? Using the power of the sun, Next-Gen’s solution uses solar PV and battery storage.
The result: a natural, efficient and cost-saving alternative to electricity from the grid. Reduce monthly costs and your carbon footprint in the process.

Solar PV systems that can be mounted on any roof type; tile, slate, pitched, flat.
They can also be ground-mounted if roof space is not available.

Our Equipment

Solar Panels:JA Solar / Q-Cells / Canadian Solar Monocrystalline
Inverter:GivEnergy 3.6 / 5.0 Hybrid / Solis 4G
Battery Storage:5.2kWh / 9.5kWh / 32.50kWh (commercial)
Power Diverter:MyEnergi EDDI Smart Immersion
Mounting Kit:Renusol

The solar prioritises the home first, any generated power will be used to cover any consumption in the property at that time, any excess past this will then go towards charging the battery and finally anything that is surplus will be diverted towards the customer’s hot water tank through the smart immersion, giving them free hot water.

Battery Storage System

A GivEnergy installed system provides a smart energy solution and allows you to store and use generated power while also taking advantage of cheap rate electricity with its ‘winter mode’ setting meaning the customer can set charge times during the night to top the battery up and discharge during the day when solar production would be at its lowest during the winter months.

All of this can be controlled and monitored through a user-friendly app on their phone or online portal.

Graphs and reports are on hand to track the solar, battery, house consumption, import and export on a daily, monthly or annual basis.

Meet The Team

Graham Bailie

Commercial Director

Jacob Canavan

Renewable Energy Advisor


Sales Manager

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